The DCEU: Where Is Dick Grayson

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The DCEU is churning out millions of dollars in profit for Warner Brothers studios, but the films have gotten a mixed reception from loyal comics fans. Here, we look at one character’s exclusion from DC’s movies and the baffling reasons behind it.

The DCEU has been an epic experiment in transferring beloved characters from the pages of our favourite comics to the silver screen. Fans have been able to see live-action versions of all of the most popular heroes in both the Marvel and DC Comics universes; however, one seems to have gone missing.

Dick Grayson is a character that even your mother (and perhaps even her mother) is likely to know about. Dick was Batman’s first side-kick, Robin, and was portrayed by Burt Ward in the famous 1960’s television series.

As the first Robin, Grayson managed to capture the imagination of young boys of that generation, who were able to visualize themselves fighting alongside their favourite hero – Batman. Through Dick Grayson, legions of boys found their love of comics.

Now, for some reason unknown to the rest of us, he seems to have been forgotten.

DC and Warner Brothers have begun to bring their comic book universe to life in live-action films like Batman v Superman and Justice League. All of our favourite supporting characters are there, from Lois Lane and Commissioner Gordon to Alfred and Ma Kent… But where is Batman’s sidekick?

Grayson actually has a powerful life story of his own to tell, and in the absence of his involvement in the films of the DCEU, independent creators are taking up the cause.

Nightwing: The Series is a fan created short film series that tells the story of Grayson’s departure from Batman to become the hero known as Nightwing.

Nightwing has had an epic series of comics adventures in his own right, from helping save the entire world during DC’s Infinite Crisis, to actually becoming Batman himself, during Grant Morrison’s Batman RIP.  Recently, comic adaptations of the character have begun to portray Grayson as a James Bond style hero that no longer wears a mask, but instead works under-cover to become a more subtle (and sexy) style of superhero.

He is generally considered to be one of the more… datable… characters in the DC Comics catalogue.

So how could a hero such as this not have gotten an invitation to DC’s cinematic universe. The idea is almost impossible to believe. The marketing possibilities alone seem shockingly obvious.
Perhaps DC and Warner Brothers are simply playing it cool.  After all, after the studio’s contracts  expire with Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot and the like, there will need to be new wave of live action heroes to keep fans interested.  Perhaps, like Black Panther and Doctor Strange, Dick Grayson will simply lead a newer, younger generation of heroes, in a series of films yet to come.

For those of us who know the character’s biography well, what a fitting series of events that would be!

Yet, DC’s film rollouts to date have not inspired confidence. Perhaps its not too late for Batman’s faithful sidekick to come swinging to the rescue of the DCEU…. Before its too late!



Touch Typing course- useful skill for successful life

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Do you want to succeed in article marketing? Are you a writer and want to improve your typing speed? Are you looking to make some extra money online? Want to do home-based typing job? Or regular user of the computer? Then you should learn touch typing. Let me define it properly what it is all about. This typing skill permits you to type any word or letter without seeing at the keyboard. If you are a student or handling any business, then you should do this course for improving your accuracy and typing speed. In this article, I’ll tell you the importance of this course. Why is it beneficial for working people? Is it easy to learn or not? Let’s get started.

Is Touch Typing course is best for you? 

Yes, if you want to do typing job or want to increase your typing speed then you should enroll yourself in this course offline or online according to your feasibility. If your average speed is 50 to 70 wpm then touch typing course would help you to increase it till 80 to 95 wpm but with extra effort you can reach over to 120 wpm.This touch type course won’t only help you in succeeding your life but also in your work, business and advance your learning and career as a typist and personal assistant. But with this course, you will not need any typing tutor for help.

Is it easy to learn the Touch Typing course? 

I worked as a typewriter and writer for three years, but I used the old typing formula which many people are doing today. But after some years I realize that I should upgrade myself because computers have become a priority at home and in office. Then I get to know about the Touch Typing online course because I can’t afford the fees and other expenses on the longer basis with my job. And after learning, I type the words speed without seeing the screen or any material. You should try it out if you want to stay away from the keys visually hunting.

Touch typing course expertise;  

  1. 100% practical-base.
  2. You will get to know how to use keying without seeing at the keyboard.
  3. The skill of good posture at the keyboard.
  4. Effective and fast approach to improving the typing speed.
  5. Skills on how to use the correct finger for typing.
  6. Effective online practice on how to increase speed and accuracy.
  7.  This course is the best approach to finish the traditional typing method.
  8.  You will know the keyboard and how to use fingers for speedy typing.

Touch typing course is the proven way to increase your typing speed without wasting your time and money.it is the far superior method than others nowadays.

To conclude, If you are typists then I’m sure that you care about your typing speed and its accuracy. If you want to be proud of your fast typing and want to stay away from the typing mistakes then you should get benefit from Touch typing course.



kecantikan: Effective and informative Approach Towards beauty and fitness

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Do you want to get glowing, beautiful and healthy skin without using any fairness creams? Are you looking for best, simple and easy tips for your wedding day? In this scenario, you should check the http://info-kecantikan.com to find out tips regarding beautiful and healthy skin.

Glowing & healthy skin:

Do you want glowing & healthy skin all day long? Want to make your skin white and even tone? Do you want to remove all dark spots, hyper pigmentation, and acne from your skin? Have you used all the skin care products to keep your skin youthful? info-kecantikan will show you effective and tips for skin care.

Flat tummy:

info-kecantikan is the most popular website for health and skin care tips. They are not only publishing tips on skin whitening but also on how to get a flat tummy, what is the latest hairstyle? How to whiten your teeth? How to get pretty pink lips, tips on how to choose foundation according to skin type, best treatments for clear skin and home remedies for getting white underarm?

Weight loss:

Trying to lose your weight from so long? Are you overweight and chubby and looking for the easy way to get a flat stomach fast? Do you want to lose excess weight? Do you recently give birth and now want to get a flat tummy? Then you need to check out the info-kecantikan for available and effective tips. This website will show you how to get all in an easier way. We will not only share with you tips but also different workouts so you can truly get desired results. Furthermore, we don’t only share the tips related to women who are looking for better curves but also for the men who want great six pack abs. Keep one thing in the mind that flat tummy is the final result of healthy diet and exercise.

Supplements information:

Are you one of those women who is spending a busy and stressful life? Then you need to know which nutrients and supplements are best for you. Maybe you don’t know that health supplements are necessary for you. If you’re suffering from the menopausal symptoms then you don’t need to worry because we are here to solve your problems. We will not only share with you effective tips but also educate yourself that which health supplements are best for staying healthy, young and improving your health.

Well-balanced diet:

Looking for the well-balanced diet which contained nutrition vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants? You will get it from our website. Perfect diets are perfect for women who want to stay healthy? Apart from the above-mentioned things, we will also share with you the importance of hydration because it is important for health and wellness. So, you must drink eight glasses of water on daily basis.


http://info-kecantikan.com is the secrets to good health, smooth skin, beauty, nourished skin and perfect body weight. Check out our website now to look and feel best.





Post-Sex Bleeding – What’s Normal and What’s Not in Men and Women

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The last thing anybody wants to see during or after sex is blood on his or her body or bed sheets. While any bleeding can easily cause alarm, one does not necessarily have to call 911 in a panic at the first drop of blood. However, it is possible that post-sex bleeding from the penis or vagina is a sign of a much more serious condition which may need medical attention. Some common causes of post-sex bleeding are discusses here, along with tips for ensuring better vaginal and penis health.

Why would a woman bleed during sex?

Post-sex bleeding from a woman is a much more common situation than it is for a man, though it is still nothing to blow off and ignore. Obviously, a woman should consider whether she is due to get her period soon; if so, that could very well solve the mystery. If she is not menstruating, there are other benign causes of bleeding during and after sex including:

  • Loss of virginity
  • Infrequent sex or early sexual experiences
  • Excessive friction from rough sex
  • Not enough lubrication or foreplay during sex
  • A minor tear or injury in the uterine lining
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginitis (inflammation)
  • Yeast infection

When a woman should see a doctor:

If it is a rare occasion that a woman bleeds after sex, or the cause is very obvious to her, she likely does not need immediate medical attention, but will want to mention it at her yearly female examination. However, if the bleeding is accompanied by severe vaginal or abdominal pain, occurs during every sexual encounter, or is regularly occurring in a post-menopausal woman, the bleeding after sex may be caused by something abnormal, and she should seek medical attention right away. It is important to note that bleeding in post-menopausal women is always considered abnormal and is a reason to speak with a doctor. A doctor will likely complete a pelvic examination and lab work, as this may be a symptom of one of the following more serious conditions:

  • Cervical cancer
  • Cervical dysplasia
  • Cervicitis
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Pregnancy
  • Other sexually transmitted infection

Why does a man bleed after sex?

Most men are not accustomed to seeing blood down there, so it may come as even more of a shock to them than their female counterparts — who are at least used to dealing with blood on some level. A man may experience mild bleeding after sex for the following reasons:

  • Vigorous sex & excessive friction
  • Prostate irritation
  • Urethral irritation
  • Infrequent sex
  • Inflammation of the urethra or prostate
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Broken blood vessel
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Cancer
  • Severe bladder or kidney infection
  • Trauma to the penis
  • Obstruction in the tubes or ducts

Because bleeding from the penis is far less common, a man should not waste any time seeking medical attention – unless it is very obviously caused by an external source such as friction. If there has been a history of blood in the man’s semen, he experienced pain while ejaculating, bleeding is heavy or does not stop, he has a fever, or he has pain or difficulty urinating he should speak with his doctor right away, as one of these more serious conditions may be indicated.

Maintaining the health of the penis

Of course, men cannot protect their penis from every unusual ailment; however, a little bit of prevention goes a long way to keeping the Johnson healthy. First and foremost, sexually active men should regularly be screened for infections to ensure they are healthy. Most doctors recommend every six months – or more – for men who have multiple partners. Secondly, a man needs to eat right and exercise – yes what is good for the heart is good for the penis – so getting that heart pumping and watching the diet will help keep circulation to the area strong. This will, in turn, help keep erections strong. Lastly, all men should step up their personal hygiene routine by adding a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) to their post-shower routine. Selecting a health cream full of vitamins and minerals can help boost circulation, fight odor causing bacteria and enhance sensitivity making for an all-over healthy manhood. In addition, high-end moisturizers may support the skin’s natural lubricating properties, reducing the chances of friction-related injuries in both men and women. For more details and information visit Slightlywell.com

Root Canal Therapy Facts

What’s root canal treatment, and how come it required? This therapy is just a dental treatment that removes the main from one’s tooth’s channel, which is done the tooth could be maintained without discomfort or any potential pain. Usually tooth nerves don’t hurt, however when the tooth is broken, seriously decayed, or other issues occur then your cause of your tooth can become delicate and annoyed, causing pain and perhaps other problems too. The treatment will save you the tooth while removing the nerve, so there’s no pain. All teeth have one or more root canal, plus some might have four or three, with respect to measurement, the tooth form, and other factors. other muscle along with the nerve is removed in this therapy from the main, which may avoid tooth loss or any potential issues.
Root canal therapy can also be called endodontic therapy, when disease or injury has caused problems within the tooth which remedy is conducted. The nerve tissue within your teeth includes arteries along with other buildings that really help your teeth remain healthy and strong. While infection or harm causes disease within the inside of one’s tooth the nerve tissue is influenced, which may cause many signs including temperature, pain, and severe disease. The contamination and nerve structure should be taken off the tooth canals with this specific treatment, after which the tooth should be covered to avoid disease, pain, potential disease, or other issues.
Without root canal treatment the damaged tooth should be drawn, but within your smile you are able to prevent spaces or any missing teeth with this specific remedy. Many dentists won’t draw a tooth while some may keep the individual the ultimate determination if this therapy can be an alternative. The main has once the treatment is conducted the price will be different, with respect to the particular quantity of pathways. Washing and closing the tooth inside provides benefits over merely taking on the tooth, and several dental insurance coverage may address atleast area of the price of the treatment. It will help create the price less expensive when you have this kind of insurance policy.
Root canal treatment could need a quantity of visits prior to the whole process is complete, and will often need greater than a single visit. The dentist will need to cleanse each root canal that the tooth has, which could be timeconsuming. When the tooth inside chamber the canals present and all appear to have been washed your tooth will be covered. Prior to the cleanup may start your dentist will require x rays, therefore the precise and quantity period of the main could be determined. You will even often numb up after which exercise a gap within the tooth, therefore an example of the muscle inside could be taken. This can enable your dentist decide not or if root canal treatment is the greatest choice.

Essential Tyres Reading and Safety

Simple Steps For Essential Tyres Reading and Safety Motorized vehicles are almost everywhere you look. Regardless of the type of vehicle – buses, cars, trucks or motorcycles – they all rely heavily on tyres. The rubber surface of tyres adds cushion to the wheels, provides traction, and aids in braking. For all of these reasons, it is very important that you check your tyres on a regular basis to keep them operating optimally.
Tyre Service Reading
Tyres Reading is one of the most fundamental thing to do on an automobile, yet people spend more on upgrading the sound system. Investing in high-quality tyres is essential to the vehicle’s overall performance as well as for the safety of the travelers. Choosing the right tyre can be complicated with all the specifications and technicalities; however, knowing the basics will make it easier for you to select the best set of tyres

Factors That Determine Tyre Types

Take into account certain factors to determine the right set for your car.

Seasons -one of the deciding factors of choosing tyre types. Always choose the best quality tyre set during wet season and snow season

Road condition -if you frequent drive on dirt roads, you will need to invest

Insurance Cover Provides Financial Protection

Unfortunately, modern society has taken a litigious turn. Small business owners can fall victim to unethical nuisance claims or face legitimate liability issues, if someone sustains an injury on your property or you cause damage while working at another location. Sole traders and self employed people are personally liable for negligent or accidental damages they cause, and you could lose your home, business and other assets.

Insurance and Accident Statistics

Insurance cover helps pays for legitimate claims, and your insurance representative can help provide the resources needed to fight false accusations in court. Sole traders make particularly susceptible targets for nuisance claims, because scam artists feel independent traders are more likely to settle claims in order to avoid protracted legal battles.

Work accidents occur at astonishing rates, according to statistics compiled by http://www.rospa.com/statistics/default.aspx.

  • More than 4.7 million accidental injuries occur on the job annually.
  • UK deaths from work accidents number over 180 people each year.
  • The Labour Source Survey found accidents to occur at the rate of 870 per 100,000 workers.

Typical Injury Examples

Workers in any kind of trade risk accidents on a daily basis. You should consider the following examples to understand the risks.

  1. A roofer could dislodge a tile and hit someone below, resulting in an expensive claim.
  2. A carpenter could drop a heavy door or piece of equipment and damage a priceless heirloom.
  3. An alarm installer could accidentally drive a nail through a pipe, causing extensive water damage.

Choosing Adequate Cover

In the UK, you must have employers’ liability cover if you hire workers. Other types of insurance might be optional, but you could put yourself in an untenable position without sufficient protection. If you are self employed or work as a sole trader, you should compare the benefits and prices of various forms of insurance cover.

  • Public Liability

    This cover protects you in case a person suffers injury on your property, and the cover extends to damages you might cause working elsewhere. You also get protection for associated legal fees. If you subcontract for other businesses, they might require this insurance to indemnify them against accidents.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    If your actions or negligence result in actionable damages, due to inferior workmanship, malpractice, bad advice, or incomplete work, this cover provides protection against legal action by your customers.

  • Performance Bonds

    Contractors or clients might also require performance bonds to ensure work is completed on schedule within the budget.

    • The bond will reassure contractors and clients that work will be finished as promised.
    • Bonds demonstrate financial responsibility.
    • Bonds can give you a competitive edge over other companies.
  • Tool Insurance

    The tools you use at work often comprise sole your most important assets. You cannot work without them, so protecting them against theft and damage will keep your investment safe.

Other Insurance Options

Insurance packages often combine several cover options that benefit a particular trade or profession. Careful comparison will help you locate the best insurance cover for your business at an affordable premium. If you own your retail location, you might need building insurance. Additional medical insurance cover would enable you to avoid long waits for NIH appointments. Business interruption or loss of money cover might also be attractive options.