VOIP: The Cheapest yet most Efficient Voice/Video Calling Platform making Business Processing Easy

Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as VOIP, is a voice calling and video calling technology meant for Voice/Video communication transportation and multimedia sessions through internet. The methods and regulations associated with generating VOIP phone call is quite identical as that of conventional digital calling applications, like outbound call centers can also run on VOIP.

Interesting here is to mention that most of the renowned apps or social media apps are using VOIP for their voice calling and other connectivity features. VOIP facilitates connectivity between different systems. In fact, you can connect to a conventional phone through VOIP across the globe.

What makes VOIP so much buzzed?

Conduct presentations, f2f interview, contract signing, globally by sitting at your own office:

VOIP is no doubt the cheapest way available to make international phone calls. In addition, it enables the business groups to conduct conferences without shifting to another different destination. Starting from face-to-face interview, presentation, contract signing, or even introducing your colleagues or family members, VOIP can do everything for you.

The most Secure and Trustworthy:

A good internet connection can ensure flawless business processing through VOIP. Moreover, there is least chance of any kind of breakdown. In fact, the only issue that might appear is when your internet connectivity gets disrupted. VOIP is the most reliable when it comes about security aspects.

Best for Small Businesses:

VOIP is incredible for small businesses. Especially, it has enabled the small business groups to provide the best customer support, thus increasing the client base.

Better Conveyer

Communication become more enjoyable as two people can see each other; you can watch each other’s expressions, facilitate group chat, etc.

Best tool to conduct Conferences

No need to book any expensive hotel for conference. VOIP makes it possible for a bunch of people to connect with each other through conference via Audio or Video, or both. There are incredible tools for invitation management or facilitating conversation with each other.

Send files from the same device

Interesting about VOIP, in fact the most distinguishing among all of its kind is that you can send a file from the same system, with which you are currently engaged with video or voice calling. No need to navigate to a different mail account or any other file sharing platform.

Have complete detail about the call:

This cloud based platform is the easiest of its kind. The additional features like Tracking Caller/Call Histories, the duration of call, location, cost of the call, etc, make it the most appealing.

Your Call Recorder:

You don’t need to make the pen and paper ready to note down something crucial as the complete process can be recorded through VOIP.

VOICEMAIL 2.0 facility:

No more confusion or disturbances of unknown calls. There is voicemail facility that clears all doubt. More than that, the receiver can convert in to a text, mail, etc.

Best Contact Management Option

VOIP provides the best contact management platform. Starting from identifying the unknown caller, gathering details about the caller, making you unavailable for certain people, searching certain people, to better spa handling, and many more, VOIP offers the ultimate features for contact management.

 Find the connectivity path between the devices

There is a feature called FMFM (Find Me Follow Me) that enables you in generating the path of the devices connected with each other, to spontaneously function prior the caller reaches your invoice. Through the process, the caller doesn’t need to make available each and every contact number.

No need to remember area code; set your virtual number

No need to remember the area code every time. You can create a virtual number that is easy to remember while making the foreign calls.

Virtual Receptionist:

No need to conduct extensive recruitment process to select a receptionist. You can employ a virtual receptionist. As a result, you will be able in saving some extra expenditure, routing the calls, at the same time maintaining the customer relationship.

Lock and unlock from any point:

It comes with the option of virtual door buzzer. Through this, you can lock and unlock the door through the phone itself. When someone rings the bell, you can open your door from any point you stay at present, let him enter, and lock back again when he goes out.

Lets the caller enjoy music:

It has the option of caller tune as well. VOIP ensures the caller should enjoy while calling you.

Low Cost:

VOIP is extremely preferred these days due to their minimal expenditure and greater functionality. The traditional phone service through VOIP costs less in comparison with the similar services through traditional sources. This is basically a function of conventional phone services, either through the private or governmental entities. Only a single network being used to handle voice as well as the data keep the cost at lower side. This is primarily a relevant when the users have least used network strength that can be used for VOIP, without any kind of extra expenditure.

In ultimate occasions, a user can witness VOIP phone calls without any cost. Even the details of international calls can be evident without any expense. Though some charges are assigned for internet service, using VOIP over this can help in avoiding the extra expenses. Hence, the users can enjoy the calls for free. Many renowned platforms are using VOIP to offer free calling facilities. Popular video calling platform Skype is one of the best examples on this regard.

How does it work?

VOIP is completely distinguishing in comparison with the tradition phone networks as certain things that you can do with it are impossible to be done by conventional phone networks.

Incoming calls to your phone are spontaneously channeled to your VOIP device, no matter where you plug in with the network. You can go with your VOIP device on a tour, to your office, home, or just any place it can be connected with the internet. If internet is there, you are going to receive the call. This is the reason that the call center agents can function from any part of the world using VOIP, simply having an effective internet connection.

Popular Platforms working on VOIP:

Skype: Needless is to introduce Skype. Starting from the students to the professionals, Skype is pretty useful for all. The best part, Skype works well with both the Smartphone and PCs. Though video and phone call through Desktop is free over the platform, one has to pay the charges for making local calls.


Viber is also a popular app used for making the most of VOIP through Smartphone. There is a also a desktop version of the software.

iTel Mobile Dialer: A popular platform that helps users in making long distance VOIP calls through Smartphones.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is one of the biggest platform running currently powered by VOIP. Starting from scripted message, voice message recording, image, videos, group chat to video calling, Facebook messenger offers loads of features for free. Needless is to say that any Facebook user would love to have this app.


Immensely popular Whatsapp is one of the finest examples of how things can be made big through VOIP. Distinguishing features and wide range of device support are the reasons behind the platform’s envious success.


Tango is another smart podium, known for its best 3G and 4G quality, and superior functionality through Wi-Fi. The best part of Tango is its user-friendly characteristic. People having Tango can enjoy the platform for smooth communication.

VOIP dialer software system:

This well known software is a call processing system made to maintain the greatest level of functionality, and saving crucial time.

MoSIP Mobile Dialer:

This is another SIP application enabling VOIP calls through web to any landline or mobile network over the globe.

Vox Switch:

Vox Switch helps a service provider in delivering the best level VOIP solution to the client.

You can start business with VOIP:

VOIP has certainly created excellent business opportunity. There are many VOIP service providers one can find these days. VOIP business concept can be broadly divided in to two groups; Calling Cards or Call Shops. And, good news is that both the business idea offer incredible opportunity to generate revenue. Cost effective VOIP service is indeed one of the growing demand among the customers, hence can be a very good business idea.

Calling Cards:

One must needs to have a calling card platform that offers various conveniences like routing, billing etc through generating infinite calling cards. One may go with PIN based calling cards or without-PIN calling card, in accordance with the specific business idea.

In case of PIN based calling card, the verification process is facilitated through PIN. On the other hand, it has to be ANI verified for calling cards without PIN. For getting started with the PIN based calling card, one simply has to provide the access number and do things in accordance with the IVR mentions. Once you entered the calling card number, and as it is authorized, the system mentions about the balance amount that the user can use for dialing the targeted location.

In case of without PIN calling card, the user has to dial the targeted destination number, straight after putting the access number.  As a result, the customer doesn’t need to remember or provide PIN detail every time he/she wants to make a call. PIN less calling card are indeed the most preferred ones these days among the customers.

The complete process that involves remembrance of extensive calling card number, IVR responses can be eased down by making the calling card services available through a simple application called Hybrid Dialer. This simple application eases down the usage of calling cards in a great way.

In fact, the entire business processing can be controlled and operated from a basic user interface. This interface also provides other functionalities like price management, DID management, carrier management, etc.

Call Shop VOIP business:

One first needs to purchase call shop solution as it offers various services like routing, numerous booth generation, or reporting to get started with call shop business. These call shops are no doubt very much preferable these days for enjoying cost-effective global calls. The call shop platforms are usually configured with the IP phones or desktops to facilitate such calls. Interestingly, the invoice can be developed immediately to prepare bills for the customer in accordance. Booths for the particular destinations can be developed for a better assistance of the users. As the user enjoys the flexibility of generating his price, maximum revenue generation for the business can thus be guaranteed. A single business interface is quite enough to control the entire business, be it about price management, path management, carrier management, etc.

In short, both Call Shop and Call Card VOIP business can be smoothly handled by a common man. Moreover, it doesn’t involve any huge initial investment. You simply need to understand your business requirement, and has to select whether the call card business or call shop business is going to be suitable for you.

How to initially get started with VOIP?

VOIP is incredibly simple to get started with. This is the reason that a great number of people are interested about it; including both the technical and non-technical groups.

Given below is the step-by-step approach to get started with VOIP.

  • Pick the VOIP service you would prefer for your business. You have to download the software; don’t worry, this download is often free.
  • Install the VOIP software after download. As the installation gets completed, you should have your account set. Through account set-up process, it asks about location, information about you to help in finding contacts, etc. You have to select a username as well at this step.
  • You should check your system’s sound card, web connectivity, speakers, microphone, etc prior making a call. VOIP service providers usually conduct this test on behalf of you during the installation process. You can start making calls once everything is done in right way so far.
  • You can now make calls using the in-app prompts. You can pick any one between voice call and video chat either by using the username or anyone between voice call and video chat. In case you wished to contact someone beyond the VOIP app, the software might make you available with a phone dial symbol where you can put the number of the person you are going to call. All that you need to ensure is the effective web connectivity for VOIP, or to be able in making crucial calls.